Regional Priority Areas

The Moore Charitable Foundation supports land, water, and marine protection and community services and programs in the United States and abroad. Nationally, Moore Charitable works with groups that unite our partners and further conservation, clean energy, and clean water initiatives across the country.

The Foundation places significant emphasis on the following geographic areas:

Long Island

The Moore Charitable Foundation’s Long Island affiliate, Robins Island Foundation, concentrates on protecting Eastern Long Island's breathtaking coastlines, diverse wildlife habitats, and historic, natural, and agricultural landscapes through advocacy, education, research, and policy so that individuals today and in generations to come can enjoy, study, and work in this unparalleled environment. Specifically, our partners are improving water quality, restoring wetlands and marshes, protecting open and working lands, stopping irresponsible development, and fostering conservation stewards.

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North Carolina

The Orton Foundation, The Moore Charitable’s North Carolina affiliate, is dedicated to the vitality of the Cape Fear River. We partner with nonprofits to improve water quality, restore natural shorelines and habitats, build resilience, address the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture waste and other toxins, and stop offshore drilling in the Atlantic. Orton Foundation also advances forest health through long-leaf pine restoration and fights the deforestation of southern forests for the global wood pellet industry. We also support historically significant community and cultural restoration initiatives and services.

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Through Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations, The Moore Charitable Foundation works to protects the land, habitat and quality of life in Colorado’s San Luis Valley, the Culebra Range, and surrounding areas. We partner with organizations focused on preserving large open spaces and protecting land in perpetuity through conservation easements; advancing forest and riparian health and preventing devastating wildfires; fostering collaboration to increase the pace and quality of conservation in the West; and supporting educational and community organizations in the region.

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New Mexico

The Moore Charitable Foundation's affiliate Taos Ski Valley Foundation supports conservation nonprofits in the Taos area to advance forest health, wildfire mitigation, and smart and collaborative water management; expand wildlife habitat protection and restoration; ensure the integrity of critical riparian waterways; and foster community conservation efforts. Taos Ski Valley Foundation also supports groups that connect local youth to gainful forest health employment opportunities as well as educational and community programs in the Taos region.

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The Moore Charitable Foundation and its Bahamas affiliate, Moore Bahamas Foundation, support environmental conservation and education programs that protect the fragile marine environment of The Bahamas. Moore Bahamas focuses on advocacy to hold polluters accountable, and on environmental education and research activities that drive change behavior and conservation policy. Priority issues include sustainable conch and Nassau grouper fisheries, coral restoration, and preserving the Clifton Bay area. We also prioritize shark research and education, and have funded a decade-long expedition that is translating into conservation outcomes in the Bahamas and beyond. Since September 2019, we have been committed to Hurricane Dorian relief and recovery.

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The Islas Secas Foundation, The Moore Charitable Foundation's Panama affiliate, supports marine and avian conservation, research, and habitat protection in the Bay of Chiriquí area. We partner to preserve and protect marine and rainforest areas through research, education, policy, and enforcement, and to build conservation stewardship locally through in-school environmental curriculum programming. Islas Secas Foundation has a strong connection with the local San Lorenzo community and supports school programs, infrastructure projects, and cultural festivities. One highlight each summer is an Islas Secas-hosted whale-watching boat trip for multiple schools, followed by education sessions about the challenges pollution places on our environment.

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