Colorado’s open and wild places — private forests, public places, ranches, grasslands, farms, and undisturbed wilderness — are integral to its natural heritage and identity. The Moore Charitable Foundation’s Colorado affiliates, Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations, are committed to land and water conservation, forest management, the preservation of threatened species, and quality of life in and around the Colorado’s San Luis Valley and the Culebra Range. We are proud members of the community, and among the largest philanthropic partners in the region.

Open Space Conservation

In partnership with land trusts, Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations help to conserve thousands of acres of open space in Colorado through conservation easements and the creation of connected landscapes and undisturbed wilderness. The foundations strive to unite the Western conservation community, providing the skills and tools necessary for advocates and landowners to enact meaningful change.

Forest Management and Wildfire Protection

Forests in Southern Colorado are overgrown and at-risk of catastrophic wildfire. Dedicated to the promotion of best practices for forest management, Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations support fire mitigation activities and the study of at risk areas, which are critical to reducing risk of unnatural fire and improving wildlife habitat.

Trinchera Blanca & Tercio Foundations are proud to support diverse partnerships in Colorado’s San Luis Valley & the Culebra Range.

Watershed and Waterway Restoration

Resilient river and stream environments support biodiversity and wildlife and help maintain soil integrity. We partner to advance riparian restoration through education, collaboration, and the implementation of key strategies, including invasive plant removal, beaver reintroduction and support, and native fisheries work. We also support the restoration of acequias, or communal irrigation canals, an historic and cultural method of sharing water for agriculture in a dry land.

Environmental & Conservation Education

Strengthening environmental stewardship is a driving priority for Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations. We provide ongoing support for continuing education programs to enact conservation strategies. Through our partnerships, we promote conservation education, teaching stewardship of the land and the importance of safeguarding threatened resources.

Community Support

The Trinchera Blanca and Tercio Foundations engage our local communities through grants to integral organizations such as local conservation groups, food banks, public libraries, cultural and historical festivals, school districts, and historic museums.

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