The Moore Charitable Foundation’s local affiliate, Moore Bahamas Foundation, supports research, environmental education, and advocacy organizations to protect the unique and fragile marine environment of the island nation. Our partners drive stewardship of The Bahamas’ incredible natural assets through education and experiences; enhanced marine protections, sustainable fisheries, and conservation policy change through research and communication campaigns; and monitoring and advocacy activities to hold polluters accountable.

Moore Bahamas support many community groups and services, and is involved in hurricane disaster relief, resilience and reconstruction efforts.

Critical Marine Habitat, Species Protection, and Fisheries

In partnership with environmental, scientific, and advocacy organizations, Moore Bahamas Foundation supports initiatives that protect key species in Bahamian waters, including the Queen conch and the Nassau grouper; return these stocks to sustainable levels in Bahamian waters; and assist fishery managers with best-practice management of sustainable fisheries. We also focus on coral resilience.

Shark Sanctuaries

Moore Bahamas Foundation is focused on the health of shark populations through research, education, advocacy, legal action, and best-practice management of marine areas. The foundation has funded a decade-long shark expedition with science partners that is translating into conservation outcomes in the Bahamas and beyond.

Marine Research, Education, and Conservation

Moore Bahamas Foundation partners with organizations that advance local marine conservation efforts around The Bahamas and education initiatives that provide hands-on opportunities to learn about the Bahamian marine environment.

“We know this shark study would not be possible without Moore Bahamas. It’s an ambitious project that has directly contributed to conservation efforts and has helped to build many of our scientific careers.  We are truly grateful.” – Lucy Howey, Scientific Liaison, Microwave Telemetry

Preserving the Land of Clifton Bay

Focused on protecting Clifton Bay and surrounding marine environments through proactive policy change, legal action, advocacy, and education, Moore Bahamas Foundation is focused on initiatives that encourage effective land use and habitat restoration efforts to benefit the land, coast, water, and local communities.

Hurricane Relief

The Moore Bahamas Foundation is committed to short-term and long-term hurricane relief and reconstruction following the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian. 

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