The Islas Secas Foundation, The Moore Charitable Foundation’s Panama affiliate, supports marine and avian conservation, research, and habitat protection in the Bay of Chiriquí area. From sustainable fishing enforcement, policy, and marine preservation to bird and whale surveys, our dedicated partners are building conservation stewardship nationally and locally, including through in-school environmental curriculum programming. We also partner to protect wild cat populations.

Improved Fisheries Management

Islas Secas Foundation supports sustainable fisheries planning and implementation in the Gulf of Chiriquí through improved fisheries monitoring and support of the landings data collection system of the Aquatic Resources Authority of Panama. In collaboration with other funders, we also support projects and campaigns in nearby Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Veraguas for enhanced monitoring, detection, and processing of illicit activities.

Marine Species Research and Monitoring

Islas Secas Foundation is dedicated to the study and conservation of coastal birds, whales, and dolphins in and around Panamanian waters. Since 2011, we have supported annual research expeditions in the Gulf of Chiriquí that include photo ID work of tail flukes to identify for individual whale identification, sound recording, and biopsy sampling that contributes to population and species mapping in concert with the International Whaling Commission.



“Support from Islas Secas Foundation has allowed long-term studies like this to monitor populations that were once severely depleted by whaling and ensure they recover." - Kristin Rasmussen, President of Panacetacea

Wild Cat Protection

Wild cat populations, including jaguars, are particularly vulnerable as they travel through the narrow isthmus of Panama that connects Costa Rica and Colombia. Islas Secas Foundation provides funding to ensure the genetic diversity of wild cats through connectivity corridors and the mitigation of conflict with humans and domesticated animals.

Environmental Stewardship

To encourage community conservation of the ecologically important coastal wetlands and wildlife in the Gulf of Chiriquí area, Islas Secas Foundation has partnered to integrate an environmental curriculum in local schools. We also partner on environmental events and festivals in local communities to raise awareness and inspire stewardship of local ecosystems. One highlight each summer is Islas Secas Foundation-hosted whale-watching boat trips for multiple schools, followed by education sessions about the challenges pollution places on our environment.

Community Partnerships

Islas Secas Foundation has a strong connection with the local San Lorenzo community and supports additional school programs, infrastructure projects, and cultural festivities.

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