Why It Matters

The 2010 BP oil spill alone killed off an estimated 22 percent of the population of endangered whales living in the Gulf of Mexico. Given the devastating impact of any accident to our important marine areas and threatened species, The Moore Charitable Foundation vehemently opposes new offshore oil exploration and extraction in the Atlantic, including its insidious precursor, seismic blasting. We work with partners to build a groundswell of opposition and mount environmental, economic, and legal challenges to permitting processes and legislation.

One of the most pressing environmental issues we face is plastic pollution, and we are proud to support the movement to ban plastic usage. In addition, we champion those patrolling their local coasts and shorelines to monitor for point-source pollution—small oil spills, nutrient run off, sewage—and who work to hold polluters accountable.

Partner Impact

Building Opposition to Ocean Drilling

Oceana has organized powerful grassroots efforts and stimulated bi-partisan push back to offshore drilling and seismic blasting at the expense of coastal economies and environments. They are also pursuing legal action with partners.

Fighting Pollution in the Bahamas

With partners, Waterkeeper Bahamas conducted post Hurricane Dorian investigations and revealed the impact of the Equinor oil spill in South Riding Point. They are demanding a comprehensive study to guide remediation efforts.