Why It Matters

Intensifying stressors on our watersheds and coasts from aging infrastructure, increasing demand, land use change, extreme weather, and wildfire demand sustainable resources management. Natural ecosystems such as forests, wetlands and living shorelines provide essential protections and services to communities – from clean and abundant water supply, aquifer recharge and flood control – as well as critical habitats for abundant species.

Impact Stories

Restoring Oyster Reefs in NYC

The Billion Oyster Project is restoring one billion live oysters to New York Harbor by 2035 by engaging the city's school children in marine restoration STEM programs and coordinating hundreds of restaurant in the recycling of oyster shells. 

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Protecting & Restoring Coastal NC

North Carolina Coastal Federation recently installed over a half mile of living shorelines at public and private sites coastwide, and through its 50 Million Oyster Initiative, has restored 40+ acres of oyster reef to date.

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Restoring Critical Nesting Habitat

Audubon’s North Carolina Coastal Islands Sanctuary Program protects and restores nesting habitats for water-birds in 20+ locations along North Carolina coast, focusing on sites and habitats that shore birds require for nesting.

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Back to the Bays of Long Island

CCE Marine’s Back to the Bays initiative increases community engagement in water quality protection initiatives, habitat improvement, shellfish and fin fish research and restoration, and youth education.

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Fighting Noxious Riparian Weeds

RiversEdge West advances the restoration of riparian lands, replanting native species after invasive plants have been removed, building restoration partnerships and securing long-term funding for restoration projects.

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