Why It Matters

Water advocacy empowers communities from the grassroots up to take action to ensure clean drinking and recreational water and healthy and connected constituents. Moore Charitable supports water champions who patrol rivers, lakes and coastal waterways; encourages expertise and diligence in science, law, and strategic planning; and rallies to protect and strengthen protections, funding and initiatives for healthy waterways.

Despite strong clean water laws, currently threatened at the highest levels of government, many of our rivers are too polluted for drinking or recreation. Protecting, enforcing and strengthening our existing laws, permits and policies is necessary to limit the flow of pollution. From industrial agricultural waste and chemical toxins to nutrient runoff and bacteria, The Moore Charitable Foundation partners with champions who take polluters head on through research, advocacy, community mobilization, and, if necessary, litigation.

Impact Stories

On the Front Lines of the Cape Fear

Cape Fear River Watch monitors activities that impact the watershed, including heavy industry and confined animal feeding operations, and partners on environmental improvements, advocating for important policy change and engaging the community to become stewards of their river.

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Fighting For Pure Farms, Pure Water

Waterkeeper Alliance is addressing North Carolina’s failure to regulate the devastating pollution from industrial farms, employing outreach and education, community support, partnerships, regulatory reform, litigation, and investigation to enforce clean water requirements.

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Reducing Nitrogen Pollution in Long Island

Outdated septic is a primary source of water pollution in Long Island. Despite rebate programs, the steep upfront installation cost of better systems drives homeowners away. Enter Peconic Baykeeper’s pilot Septic Improvement Program, which is spearheading nitrogen reduction in the East End.

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