From the Huerfano World Journal

CUCHARA — A generous donation from The Tercio Foundation, founded by Louis Bacon, brings the Cuchara Mountain Park closer to becoming a reality. Support provided by The Tercio Foundation will help the Cuchara Foundation in their efforts to raise money to assist Huerfano County with their recent purchase of the Cuchara Mountain Park land and future improvements. The Park will consist of over 40 acres of land at the base of the former Cuchara Mountain Resort. Cuchara Mountain Park will provide year-round outdoor recreation and cultural, educational and entertainment programs for Huerfano County residents and visitors of all ages.

Cuchara Mountain Park Property
Huerfano County made an initial payment for the property in January 2017 with the Cuchara Foundation providing $25,000. The Cuchara Foundation will raise an additional $125,000 by November 2017 to enable the County to complete the purchase. Future improvements will be required for programs which will be generated through a community input gathering process and analysis.

Cuchara Mountain Park

Support from the community is critical in order to establish the Mountain Park. Park fundraisers are relying on donations from foundations, governmental agencies, and charitable organizations, as well as the generosity, ongoing involvement and commitment of individual donors.

“On behalf of the Cuchara Foundation Fundraising Committee, I want to personally thank The Tercio Foundation for your generous funding towards the Mountain Park Project,” said James Littlefield of the Cuchara Foundation Fundraising Committee. “We could not bring this very special place back into the hands of Huerfano County and make it available for year round recreational use by the public without the support of foundations like yours.”

“We look forward to the future of the Mountain Park Project and are proud to support the Cuchara Foundation in their efforts to provide outdoor recreational opportunities for the local community,” said Ann Colley, Executive Director and Vice President of The Moore Charitable Foundation and its affiliates.

Volunteers will hold meetings throughout the County in the coming months to share information about the park and seek additional community input to help shape and prioritize improvements and activities. The public is encouraged to attend the meetings:

Contributions are tax deductible. To donate, send your check to the Cuchara Foundation, Mountain Park Fund, 137 Cuchara Avenue East, Cuchara, CO 81055. To see pictures, a map, and information, go to and click on “Cuchara Mountain Mountain Park Project.” You can also donate on the website, by clicking on “Facebook Fundraising Page.”

The Cuchara Foundation is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose goal is to provide education, recreation, facilities and resources to increase the welfare, health and knowledge of the Cuchara Valley, its history, environment and activities. The Tercio Foundation, the local affiliate of Louis Bacon’s Moore Charitable Foundation, supports conservation nonprofits that protect threatened landscapes, habitats, wildlife and waterways. The Tercio Foundation also supports educational and community programs in the region.