Colorado Open Lands Teacher Training Workshop


Each year, Colorado Open Lands (COL) leads a week-long intensive Teacher Training Workshop in the San Luis Valley for K-12 teachers from around the state to equip them with new ideas to incorporate the outdoors in their day-to-day lesson plans. The Workshops provide teachers with hands-on conservation education and classroom curricula, including lessons about watersheds, wildlife, and climate, to instill a sense of appreciation for conservation and natural resource management among their students. Through the reach of the trained teachers, the program impacts thousands of students per year.

Starting in 2019, COL has taken over the complete management of this program, handling curriculum development and all aspects of program design and implementation. Due to overwhelming program success and demand, COL is exploring expanding to a second workshop in the Denver metro area based on our community and urban farming focus.


To date, 380 teachers have graduated from the Teacher Training Workshops and have passed the skills and knowledge to over 22,000 K-12 students across the state.

Photos: Colorado Open Lands