Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport, North Carolina, received a $16,000 grant from The Orton Foundation—the North Carolina affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation—to purchase a LUCAS Chest Compression System.

“We are extremely grateful to The Orton Foundation for their commitment to local healthcare and for contributing to equipment upgrades that make a positive impact on the treatment of our patients,” Dosher Memorial President and CEO Lynda Stanley said in a press release. “Their generous donations of over $200,000 in funds over the last several years have played a significant role in patient experience in the Dosher Emergency Department.”

Pictured left to right: Toni McAndrews, Dosher Memorial Hospital Foundation Development Specialist; Lynda Stanley, Dosher Memorial Hospital CEO/President; Joan Alsbury, Dosher Hospital Emergency Room Manager; Sara Hesse, RN: Amy Tate, PCT; Sally Pollard, RN.

Pictured left to right: Joan Alsbury, Dosher Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Manager; Amy Tate, PCT; Sara Hesse, RN.

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