The Moore Bahamas Foundation, an affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation, is focused on recovery and resilience-building in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian’s devastating impact.  Through a rapid response small grants program, Moore Bahamas is addressing the current crisis by supporting organizations providing emergency medical services, distributing critical supplies and supplying clean water and filtration systems. We are working with our partners to monitor and test water quality at the destructive oil spill caused by Dorian at the South Riding Point terminal in Grand Bahama and advocate for proper clean up.

Moore Bahamas is undertaking an in-country needs assessment to inform a long-term strategy aimed at addressing educational needs as well as supporting sustainable rebuilding efforts.  A grant program is in development which will emphasize growing resiliency through bolstering natural capital such as mangrove and reef restoration, as well an innovative new household construction methods and green energy solutions.  Moore Bahamas intends to maximize impact through strategic partnerships from both local and international private sectors and by bringing in new philanthropic partners to Dorian relief efforts and future strategies.

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Save the Bays and Waterkeepers Bahamas monitor an oil spill on Grand Bahama’s southeast coast after Hurricane Dorian.

Read more about our partners’ efforts are their websites.