SAN LUIS – The Trinchera Blanca Foundation announced continued support for Mariachi San Luis as they celebrated their 20th anniversary. The celebration, in San Luis this past month, included more than 50 members, many living across the country, and studying in college or working in professional jobs. Mariachi San Luis is dedicated to teaching local children about the music, history and culture of mariachi. Mariachi San Luis pairs younger students with adult Mariachi members, fostering intergenerational relationships that enhance the community.

“The Trinchera Blanca Foundation’s support for Mariachi San Luis is extremely meaningful to the local community, and to me personally. This program has enrichened the lives of our kids, many now adults, who have participated in Mariachi San Luis over the years,” said Director Frank Vigil. “We are proud to provide them with not only musical education and performance skills, but also the importance of the history of mariachi and the tools for confidence-building. The members’ sense of pride and place is evident when performing locally and throughout other communities, and so many of them have achieved great success in their lives.  I could not be more proud of them.”??

“Mariachi San Luis is a wonderful organization that impacts the lives of the participants, thanks in large part to the caring and thoughtful leadership of Frank Vigil and his wife Marlene,” said Ann Colley, executive director and vice president of The Moore Charitable Foundation and its affiliates.

Mariachi San Luis currently consists of 20 members. Its membership includes students of elementary, junior high, high school and adult members. They maintain a rigorous practice and performance schedule throughout the year. The members have attended conferences in Albuquerque, and Tucson, Arizona.   They will again attend the Albuquerque Spectacular, where they will study with some of the world’s best Mariachi performers as their instructors. In the past years several of the group’s members have been selected to the highly selective, Masters Class and were able to take one-on-one instructions with world-renowned Mariachi performers.

About The Trinchera Blanca Foundation
The Trinchera Blanca Foundation, the Colorado affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation, founded by Louis Bacon in 1992 supports organizations committed to protecting land, water and wildlife habitat in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The Trinchera Blanca Foundation also supports community programs dedicated to improving quality of life in the surrounding region.

Published in the Alamosa Valley Courier.