Trevor Bacon

Director, Marine Programs

Trevor Bacon is responsible for developing and implementing grantmaking for Moore Charitable Foundation’s (MCF) marine programs, which support the conservation of marine resources for the benefit of current and future generations, with an emphasis on community-based grantmaking when possible.  Included in his portfolio, Mr. Bacon oversees the programs and advisors of MCF’s Panama affiliate, the Islas Secas Foundation, and its Bahamas affiliate, the Moore Bahamas Foundation.

Through research, education, and outreach, MCF’s marine programs champion the establishment and implementation of sustainable fishing practices and marine protected areas. Working alongside small-scale fishing communities, MCF’s grantmaking advances conservation outcomes for species, habitats, and communities.

MCF also seeks to inspire public and philanthropic investment in ocean conservation by encouraging collaboration within the marine conservation community.

Mr. Bacon manages grantee relationships and works closely with other marine funders on the identification of pragmatic, effective, and long-term solutions to persistent marine conservation problems.

Mr. Bacon serves on the board of Oceans5 and the advisory board of the Shark Conservation Fund.