Threats to the Colorado River – climate change, proposed dams and diversions, rapid human population growth, fossil fuel extraction, endangered species protection – occur across the basin from Colorado, Wyoming and Utah to New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. These threats occur not only on and near the main stem of the river, but on many of its tributary streams.

The Moore Charitable Foundation is part of the stimulus behind the strategic Colorado River Waterkeeper Network, which will help develop and support collaborative Waterkeeper organizations on local streams and rivers in the Southwest US to protect and restore the entire Colorado River watershed, addressing unique and interwoven interstate issues.

Currently this newly launched network has six local Waterkeeper organizations inside the watershed, with seven more connected to the river as its water is piped, diverted and imported:

We are looking forward to the knowledge sharing and collaboration that will come out of this network and from the connection to larger Waterkeeper Alliance, including communications assistance,Information and education about threats, news updates, and connections to potential funding sources. Congratulations!

Read more about The Colorado River Waterkeeper Network here.