Waterkeepers Bahamas (WKB) and Save the Bays (STBs) help communities protect their water resources through field work and assessments which includes promotion of policy change, monitoring the waters and beaches, community outreach, legal action, and advocacy, monitoring beaches and watersheds throughout the Bahamian islands.

Recently, WKB and STB conducted a joint field study with Waterkeeper Alliance and revealed critical wetland habitats up to one mile away from the Equinor facility in South Riding Point were contaminated from the recent oil spill caused by Hurricane Dorian. They are demanding a comprehensive study to quantify the impact of the spill, properly identify all impacted areas, and guide remediation efforts.


250 water samples at Grand Bahama, Bimini and New Providence, as part of expanded water quality monitoring program for safe swimming at public beaches

25% increase of number of beaches monitored since 2018

150 children and adults taught safe water methods for swimming through Learn to Swim and Ocean Survival program with SwimTayka on Bimini and Grand Bahama