The International Mountain Medicine Center (IMMC) at the University of New Mexico is one of the premier programs for mountain emergency medicine and rescue in the world. Established to elevate mountain medicine education in the US and establish national standards for mountain rescue and emergency medicine, UNM’s IMMC is one of 16 programs in the world that offers the Diploma in Mountain Medicine (DIMM), a certificate program for medical professionals. IMMC focuses its teachings on internationally accepted and evidence based concepts, and contributes to the field of emergency medicine through research, education and a mountain rescue practice in New Mexico. 

In 2017, with funding from Taos Ski Valley Foundation, the UNM International Mountain Medicine Center was created in Taos to conduct world-class education, research and leadership training in mountain medicine and rescue. Funding from Taos Ski Valley Foundation has helped to engage Taos community members in IMMC emergency medicine and rescue training. It has also helped establish partnerships that will contribute to global understanding of mountain and environmental physiology, such as collaborations with the US Army Research Institute on Environmental Medicine to perform a medical research study investigating altitude adaptation; and with the Alpine Rescue Center of Air Zermatt, Switzerland to exchange and promote students between respective programs.