Oceans 5 is a global funder’s collaborative committed to protecting the world’s oceans. Through direct grants and strategic guidance, Oceans 5 focuses on projects and campaigns that secure and protect large, ecologically and economically significant areas of the ocean; secure new policies to stop overfishing and combat illegal, undocumented, and unregulated (IUU) fishing in key fishing nations; and expand and strengthen strategic marine philanthropy. The Moore Charitable Foundation is a proud partner.  Recent Oceans 5 milestones include:

Designing a new set of MPAs to bring The Bahamas to 20 percent protection of marine habitat. In the Bahamas, an MPA strategy advanced by Oceans 5 grantees has been approved by the government. This will result in the protection of 20 percent (131,000 km2) of Bahamian waters by the end of 2020. Currently 65,000 km2 are in MPAs.

Securing increased conservation around Coiba National Park: Implemented the Inter-institutional Coordination Platform (IICP), convening the Minister of Environment, the National Air-Sea Service, the Fishery Authority, the Maritime Authority, and the Prosecutors Office monthly to coordinate and execute actions toward fisheries compliance management. This has led to measurable impacts (72% reduction in the prosecution time of IUU fishing cases from Coiba National Park and Gulf of Chiriquí, from 24 months to 9 months).

Securing transparency of Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP) commercial fishing and carrier vessel tracking: Gained formal commitments from the governments of Panama, Chile, and Costa Rica to make their national vessel tracking data publicly available through the Global Fishing Watch (GFW) map platform, demonstrating commitment to greater transparency in fishing activities and to promoting sustainability.


Since 2011, Oceans 5 has provided over $80 million in grants, supporting more than 70 projects involving at least 120 organizations in 50 countries.