ClientEarth, an environmental law charity that focuses halting the destruction of the natural world, recently launched “Turning the Tide on Biomass,” an initiative to lay the groundwork for a comprehensive, long-term biomass strategy and to evaluate the tools and interventions that will be most successful in stopping the proliferation of biomass as an energy source, and in particular the deforestation of forests in the American Southeast. Interventions focus ed on both the EU policy level and corporate stakeholders in the UK, particularly Drax, the largest UK biomass operator.

ClientEarth is building on the campaign to continue implementation of its long-term biomass strategy, working to shut down future biomass plants and influencing the perception of biomass to both investors and consumers in the EU and beyond.



Challenges to corporate advertising in the UK regarding false and misleading representations of the carbon footprint

Investor Briefings addressing corporate greenwashing and credentials of biomass

Legal analysis and stakeholder engagement on the EU Renewable Energy Directive

American partnerships & engagement