12.02.15 THE BAHAMAS: Louis Bacon’s Moore Bahamas Foundation today announced its donation of $120,000 to the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas for the rebuilding of the southern islands devastated by Hurricane Joaquin.

“My family and I think of The Bahamas as a second home, and so we wanted to do whatever we could to reassure those affected by the devastation caused by the hurricane that they have remained in our hearts, and we are happy to support Rotary’s efforts to rebuild homes, lives and communities,” said Louis Bacon.

“Today, we are very pleased to announce our donation to the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas. We fully support their focus on economic recovery, specifically of the fishing, agriculture and livestock industries damaged by the storm,” said Bacon, whose philanthropic efforts have been rewarded by highly respected international honours.

Teaming with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Clubs have outlined plans for permanent solutions for potable water, the resupplying of schools and re-opening of businesses. This includes replacing fishing vessels that were destroyed in the storm and providing microfinance loans for small businesses. Rotary District Governor Felix Stubbs said the funds would allow them to apply for grants from Rotary International as well.

“We are extremely grateful to Mr. Bacon and the Moore Bahamas Foundation for this generous and timely donation,” said Stubbs. “This will go a long way toward enhancing our efforts to restore commerce and rebuild lives of those who were so devastated by this hurricane and the damage it wreaked on the southern Bahamas.”

“The worst of times often brings out the best of humanity,” said Bacon. “We have been so impressed by the level of involvement of ordinary citizens who have taken time out from their businesses and families to help others. We now look forward to seeing some of these plans and projects come to life as people rebuild for a better future.”

In order to diversify support and strengthen recovery efforts, The Moore Bahamas Foundation plans to announce two additional donations for hurricane relief later this month, bringing to a total of $250,000 toward restoration and rebuilding efforts.

About The Moore Bahamas Foundation
The Moore Bahamas Foundation, the Bahamas affiliate of The Moore Charitable Foundation founded by Louis Bacon in 1992, seeks to promote environmental education in the diverse ecosystems of The Bahamas. The Moore Bahamas Foundation (MBF) supports environmental education to encourage protection of the fragile marine environment that constitutes 90% of the island nation. MBF supports marine education programs that prove successful in building awareness, particularly among students, about the importance of preserving precious marine and land resources. MBF also supports health, conservation and marine research efforts.

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