On the opening day of SXSW Eco, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Senior Attorney and President for Waterkeeper Alliance and Chief Prosecuting Attorney for Hudson Riverkeeper, discussed the role that natural resources play in our work, our health, and our identity. A passionate environmental speaker, he reminded us that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve our planet for future generations. He explained why environmental policy equals good business policy and showed how it is truly possible to become energy independent while making the world a better place.

Kennedy advocates a direct and aggressive approach against entities whose policies accelerate pollution and maintain the status quo. An architect and agent of change, Kennedy calls upon all people to actively make a difference in their world.

In 1999, Louis Bacon was instrumental in founding the Waterkeeper Alliance, the umbrella organization for hundreds of local environmental groups across the world advocating for the defense of clean water, energy, and farms. Read more here.