The Moore Charitable Foundation and founder Louis Bacon are focused on the health and future of local marine ecosystems, threatened marine species, and global ocean health. Coastal development, overfishing, illegal fishing practices, marine pollution, and climate change severely endanger marine wildlife, habitats and the communities that rely on these resources.

The Moore Charitable Foundation partners with a wide range of organizations working to combat these threats by addressing fishing policy and enforcement and by encouraging greater collaboration within the marine conservation movement. From whale behavior research to shark finning policies, to educational programming, MCF supports projects that establish lasting protection for the world’s oceans and inspires public investment in marine conservation. Some examples of partner work below:

Critical Marine Habitat and Species Protection

In partnership with organizations such as Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation (BREEF), Sea Turtle Conservancy, Bahamas National Trust, and The Nature Conservancy Bahamas, MCF’s local affiliate The Moore Bahamas Foundation (MBF) supports environmental conservation and education programs fighting to protect the fragile marine environment of The Bahamas. MBF supports sustainable conch fisheries, coral reef protection, the future of the Nassau grouper, and the preservation of the Clifton Bay area.

Marine Conservation and Research

In Panama, MCF’s local affiliate – The Islas Secas Foundation – supports marine species research; efforts to prevent Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing; and the establishment and protection of Marine Protected Areas to mitigate disturbances to marine life.

Collaborating for Global Ocean Health

The Moore Charitable Foundation supports partners such as Oceans 5 and Oceans Unite in their efforts to unite collaborators on strategic marine initiatives, and Oceana in their work to advocate for ocean health through policy and legal reform. MCF also provides support to bolster local communities dependent on fishing economies, gather data to strengthen marine conservation philanthropy, and establish marine reserves.

Read more about affiliate foundation work in the Bahamas and Panama.

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