The Moore Charitable Foundation, founded in 1992 by lifelong conservationist Louis Bacon, is a private family foundation that works to preserve and protect natural resources for future generations. The Foundation and its affiliates support non-profit organizations that protect land, wildlife, habitat, and water resources in the following regional priority areas: Southern Colorado, Long Island, Eastern North Carolina, The Bahamas, and Panama. The Foundation also supports educational and community programs in these areas. Affiliate foundations include The Trinchera Blanca Foundation, The Tercio Foundation, The Robins Island Foundation, The Orton Foundation, The Moore Bahamas Foundation, and The Islas Secas Foundation. Ann Colley, Director of Public Relations and Charitable Giving, Moore Capital Management, serves as Executive Director and Vice President.

The Moore Charitable Foundation is additionally focused on education, health and the arts. Gabrielle Bacon, Trustee, oversees this grant portfolio.

The Moore Charitable Foundation considers proposals by invitation only and values programs that align with its core mission. The Foundation engages leaders in conservation and habitat management to identify the programs and organizations to which it allocates resources. Preference is given to innovative programs and projects that take a collaborative approach to solutions in the following priority areas:

  • Land: Preserving open spaces to ensure that future generations have access to our most precious natural resources
  • Water & Air: Defending the vitality of our oceans, bays, rivers, and wetlands, as well as the air we breathe
  • Wildlife Habitat: Strengthening habitat restoration efforts in order to protect threatened species
  • Marine Research and Conservation: Protecting marine resources through strategic research and advocacy efforts

See a full list of our partners here.

Regional Priority Areas

The Moore Charitable Foundation supports numerous land, habitat, water and community initiatives in the United States and abroad. The Foundation places significant emphasis on the following areas:

  • Southern Colorado. The Foundation and its regional affiliates in Colorado, The Trinchera Blanca Foundation and The Tercio Foundation, focus on land and water conservation, forest management and the preservation of threatened species. Special attention is given to protecting open spaces and balancing nature with smart development.
  • Long Island, New York. The Foundation’s Long Island affiliate, The Robin’s Island Foundation, concentrates on protecting Long Island’s waterways and safeguarding threatened wildlife through habitat restoration.
  • Eastern North Carolina. The Foundation and its North Carolina affiliate, The Orton Foundation, address land, habitat and water conservation efforts near Wilmington. Particular attention is paid to safeguarding the Cape Fear River, restoring the historic longleaf pine, and protecting a variety of species ranging from the red cockaded woodpecker to the Venus flytrap.
  • The Bahamas. The Foundation and its Bahamas affiliate, The Moore Bahamas Foundation, supports environmental conservation and education programs to protect the fragile marine environment of The Bahamas. The Foundation focuses on sustainable conch fishery, protecting the Nassau grouper, and preserving the Clifton Bay area.
  • Islas Secas. The Foundation and its Panama affiliate, The Islas Secas Foundation, focus on marine species research, conservation, and policy, as well as safeguarding the rainforest and indigenous rights.
  • National. The Moore Charitable Foundation works with groups that unite our partners and further conservation, clean energy, and clean water initiatives across the country.

To learn more about affiliate foundation activities, read our Latest News.

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