Nature Conservancy North Carolina

With support from The Orton Foundation, Louis Bacon and The Moore Charitable Foundation, The Nature Conservancy works to restore longleaf pine forest in southeast North Carolina. Funding extends from personnel to equipment for the Conservancy’s controlled burning in longleaf forest near Wilmington, North Carolina.

Longleaf pine forests are dependent on fires. Bringing fire back to longleaf helps to improve homes for a vast array of plants and animals. It also reduces risk of wildfire for nearby human communities by removing fuel from the forest in a controlled fashion.

The Conservancy’s Dan Ryan, who is Director of longleaf pine work in North Carolina, says that in addition to providing funding, The Moore Charitable Foundation Chairman Louis Bacon is leading important local work at Orton Plantation, home to the largest privately held longleaf forest in North Carolina.

“The Orton Plantation is a shining example of stewardship. If we are to make a real difference in restoring longleaf forest, we must convince private landowners to restore their property. Much of the remaining longleaf forest and property that would be appropriate for new longleaf is in private ownership. Orton Plantation is a wonderful example for us to use as we work with other private landowners to help them steward their land.”
– Dan Ryan, Director of longleaf pine work in North Carolina

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