Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts

The Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts (CCLT) is working to reform the state’s tax incentive for conservation easements to correct market inefficiencies that have developed over the past five years, appeal to more landowners, and increase the amount of land conserved through conservation easements in the state and specifically in the San Luis Valley.

The current incentive has been in place since 2007 and has been very successful in enrolling land for conservation. However, over the past five years, the attractiveness of the tax credit as an incentive has eroded as costs of conveying conservation easements have increased by approximately 75%. CCLT and its member organizations believe that most landowners can no longer afford to convey donated conservation easements. The result is a loss of conservation opportunity coupled with an increased pressure on conservation funding sources.

Reforms to the credit will increase the pace of conservation in Colorado (including the San Luis Valley), ease pressure on conservation funding sources, and help to ensure a bright future for conservation in Colorado.

The Trinchera Blanca Foundation’s support of Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts’s policy work has been critical to developing our legislative strategy and leading statewide education efforts to reform the Colorado conservation easement transferable tax credit. These changes will incentivize conservation-minded landowners again to donate conservation easements and protect the beauty and agricultural heritage in Colorado.
– Amanda Barker, Executive Director

Louis Bacon and The Trinchera Blanca Foundation support The Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts and their policy work.
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